Sunday, October 10, 2010


Rancher's Plate. Cafe 290 - Manor, Texas. © Ryan Schierling
Thank God it's Chicken Fried Sunday. Considering all of my favorite food groups are brown and white, it should be no surprise that I am taking advantage of living in the state where chicken fried steak originated. (I'm also considering investing in a gym membership, and/or Lipitor, because this quest for the holy grail of CFS is not for the faint of heart or slight of artery.)

Roughly every other Sunday, I will partake of the best, and probably some of the worst, chicken fried steak in Austin and surrounding areas. There are a million opinions (and that's just in Texas) about this breakfast, lunch and dinner staple, so I'm not going to push any holier-than-thou CFS religious views upon you. I'll keep it simple and just give you a CFS haiku for each restaurant's offering.

(Cafe 290 in Manor, Texas – Chicken fried steak w/ eggs over-easy, home fries and biscuits.)

Perfect beef is love
that the loose, limber meat sock
relegates to like


  1. i have yet to ever eat excellent home fries. not sure what the appeal is. that cfs looks mighty fine though.

  2. They looked like deep-fried chunks of potato, and I've always thought of home fries as being pan- or skillet-fried. The discrepancy did not stop me from eating the majority of them. Oh, alright. ALL of them.


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