Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Costume.

Whoppers®, incognito. © Ryan Schierling

Excess enthusiasm has led to an ungodly amount of candy stashed away in our wee cupboards. Yes, I confess, I was a poor judge of the number of kids that would show up at the door this year for Halloween. I got excited at the prospect of hordes of adorable little goblins showing up on our doorstep dressed as superheroes and princesses and pumpkins with chubby arms and legs. 

I bought too much candy. 

You can't really blame me. For some reason or other, the urban nature of my living situation for the last decade has simply not been conducive to trick-or-treaters. I'd usually keep a bag on hand just in case, but made sure it was something that I liked, should the inevitable absence of children occur once again. 

But this year... we're living in the SUBURBS baby! A school bus even stops on our street! Ha!  Yes, kidlets of all sorts showed up, and they were cute, and they were sent away with candy. 

Now, I have the sobering task of figuring out how to use all the leftovers... and luckily we're heading full tilt into the holiday baking season. Taking inspiration from Megan Seling of, I decided to start by making Whoppers® cookies. I don't usually bake cookies this big, but it seemed fitting, somehow. 

Guess what the secret ingredient is.......Ovaltine®! © Ryan Schierling
I'm afraid those Tootsie Pops® are going to pose a bigger challenge, however.

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  1. I feel like I need to go buy whoppers now just to make cookies!! Sure miss you two!


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