Sunday, August 21, 2011


CFS w/ eggs and potatoes @ Dart Bowl. © Ryan Schierling
I learned a few things this Sunday.

I learned that the chicken-fried steak and eggs at Dart Bowl runs an anemic, distant third place to the blue-ribbon Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas (topped with proper chili-gravy and over-easy eggs) they are wildly famous for. Runner-up goes to the basket of homemade Texas toast with tiny paper condiment cups of butter already flipped over upside-down and melting onto the toast. Bringing up the rear sadly, a scrawny, wheezing, flat-footed CFS.

I learned that Julie didn't know the bowling terminology "turkey," where someone bowls three strikes in a row and a round of Wild Turkey shots is purchased. Even if it's only 11 a.m.

I learned that drinking Wild Turkey in the morning is even less glamorous when the 1 oz. shot is served in an 8 oz. plastic cup, but that $2.25 cans of Pearl are a dandy chaser.

I learned that I can throw a 14-pound bowling ball 23.62 miles-per-hour down the lane.

Dart Bowl Sunday morning, w/ enchiladas & eggs, via Instagram. © Ryan Schierling
But that's enough learnin', here's your TGICFS haiku:

Puzzling little meat
in yellow gravy, griddled
runt of the litter?

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