Sunday, January 29, 2012


CFS and eggs at Arkie's Grill. © Ryan Schierling
Traditionally, TGICFS has been a weekend installment here at Foie Gras Hot Dog. There's just nothing better than clearing Sunday morning cobwebs with a cup of black coffee – and if I have my way – comforting the belly with a plate of chicken-fried steak and eggs.

I've been wanting to try the CFS at Arkie's Grill for a while now. The problem is, they're not bloody open on Sundays.

So, I took a mid-week morning for myself and snuck off after Julie went to work, just to give Arkie's a shot.

Situated in a well-worn Eastside neighborhood and surrounded by automotive, junk and machine shops, Arkie's Grill is an old-school, truck stop-type diner of the best sort. It looks like not much has been changed since they opened 64 years ago, and the menu offers tried and true classics – burgers, fried chicken, and daily specials with your choice of three out of four available sides (hint, you tell your waitress the one you don't want). Arkie's breakfast offering is what I came for, and while the chicken-fried steak doesn't best the Blanco Bowling Club Cafe for my number one spot, it is by far the tastiest CFS and eggs I've had in Austin proper.

Wiz Khalifa got
nothing on the table like
old school brown and white.

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