Sunday, February 19, 2012

VOTE for our Papaquiles to be served at SXSW.

***UPDATE*** We won! Papaquiles for everyone! We are humbled and honored that our breakfast dish will be served at SXSW from the Today food truck. Thank you to Today Food, our hometown helpers here in Austin, our Seattle auxiliary, all our wonderful friends and family, and everyone on this big ol' earth with a computer and internets that voted for us! We would like to feed you! Exclamation points! (DEEP BREATH.) We'll let you know when the official announcement will be made on the Today Show on NBC, and when we go up on the Bites/Today page on Exclamation points! !!! !

Image © Today Food

The Today Show's food page on Facebook has a recurring Home Chef Challenge where recipes are submitted to fit a specific theme. The latest, an homage to Southwestern-style breakfast, was right up our alley. From the submissions, three recipes are chosen as finalists and then voted on by the general public  (you just have to "like" Today Food on Facebook to be able to vote). The winner's dish will be served by the Today Food crew out of a food truck at this year's SXSW Music Festival in Austin. 

I'm a proud papa, because our papaquiles recipe is one of the three finalists. 

So, now we need your help. Click here to vote for the hometown favorite... papaquiles, through Friday, Feb. 24.

But please don't do it just for us. Do it for the hash browns, the salsa verde, the onions and sour cream, and the runny egg that all aspire to be something bigger than they are. Do it for the harried, the hungry, and the hungover of SXSW. Do it because it's an original, and a delicious original at that. Do it because you know it's the right thing to do. 

Do it because real cowboys don't eat frittata. 

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