Sunday, October 24, 2010

Florentine Benny.

Breakfast BFF. © Julie Munroe

I've tried not to make quest out of it... you know, I'm keeping my expectations low. A year ago we could walk down to The Shanty Cafe in Seattle on any given weekend morning and I could count on getting the most reliably comforting Florentine Benedict every single time. Even better that it was served up with absolutely no fuss, perfectly crisp hash browns and a good cup of coffee. It was my "usual" and, of course, I would be thrilled to find a place around here that served something comparable at an equally casual establishment.

It's not something you expect to find on any old breakfast menu, though. Not these days - not anywhere I know about, at least. Besides, embracing the cuisine in these parts means more often expecting to see migas or chilaquiles on the menu. So, while Ryan indulges in his quest to try every chicken-fried steak in Central Texas, I've really just been hoping to find my "new usual" somewhere along the way. 

Then it happened... and, oh, holy hollandaise... it appears on the special brunch menu at Magnolia Cafe right here in Austin. Perfectly steamed spinach, poached eggs with yolks of liquid gold, and a hollandaise sauce that is rich and sour-creamy but not overpowering. As much as I love hash browns, their delicious red potato home fries didn't give me much opportunity to miss them. The pineapple and strawberries were the perfect palate cleansing finish. 

This isn't the first breakfast that has stolen my heart at Magnolia, but it may have very well sealed the deal as my new usual.

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