Sunday, October 24, 2010


CFS & eggs. Jim's Restaurant - Austin, Texas. © Ryan Schierling
There are a lot of pre-breaded, frozen chicken fried steaks out there. They are unceremoniously thrown into a basket and dropped into a Fryolator. Only by virtue of their peppered cream gravy embrace and immediate egg and hash-browned brothers, can they be elevated to breakfast greatness. Sometimes it takes more than that... sometimes it takes great coffee. Sometimes it takes honest-to-goodness salted real sweet cream butter on just-right toast. 

Some times it just isn't possible to be great, but it's possible to be satisfying. It's possible to be comforting and pleasantly satisfactory. Early on a Sunday morning, I don't always demand greatness. Some times I just demand your honest ingredients, whatever they are and wherever they come from, hot and properly prepared, served with a genuine smile. 

The oldsters are here...
Nostalgia is a fleeting
dream in the morning.

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  1. you are a bad influence on my diet for thousands of miles away. i know what i'm eating for lunch tomorrow. AP Buck.


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