Monday, February 14, 2011

"Love letters to barbecue" winners.

© Ryan Schierling
Congratulations to Kristi R. and Gary B., who penned the winning love letters to barbecue. They each will receive a $20 gift certificate to Franklin Barbecue to satiate their cheatin', eatin' hearts.

"...I yearn for your scent, your smell on my napkin is now gone and it brings me to tears. My dreams are filled with memories of our times spent together, but they are old memories; I want to make new ones with you..." -K.R.

" always evoke a sense of comfort, and can be used as an excuse to gather friends, get drunk and get fat... and even if and when I do lose my teeth, I hope to learn how to get really good at gumming the hell out of you..." -G.B.

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