Friday, February 4, 2011

Pizza: Two proud toppings, one humble goal.

Jalapeño & pineapple pizza from Yaghi's Pizza. © Ryan Schierling
How do you dress your pizza?

On this weekend... Super Bowl Sunday, specifically... more pizza deliveries are made than on any other day of the year. The majority of these orders will no doubt be ubiquitous stand-bys such as pepperoni, or something ending in "-Lovers," but some will be personal or family favorites that are well off the standard list.

We have no plans to join the masses calling for pizza delivery on Sunday, but we do have an unusual front-runner around here. I think it may even be my very favorite.

Jalapeño and pineapple.

I won't lie. I was a little skeptical when Ryan first suggested this pie. The only pizza I had ever heard of having pineapple was the "Hawaiian-style" pizza, and my dis-inclination to eat Canadian bacon never took me down that road. Additionally – let's be honest – we're talking about tropical fruit on a pizza. Umm... hmm... what?! 

The truth is, some of the most outstanding favor combinations in the world are a devilish mix of sweet and spicy. He was right, of course, and I'm a loyal convert. Sharing this pizza with friends has now become a fun little mission – it's like watching my own initial reaction on someone else's face. What begins as a curiously-raised eyebrow turns weeks later into a random phone call or text message proclaiming how the jalapeño and pineapple pizza they just ate is making their world right again.

Now I am determined to share this 2-topping pizza with all of Austin. I mean really... the jalapeño is the official state pepper of Texas, and what better way to keep it weird?

What is your odd or interesting pizza favorite?  Oh, do share...


  1. It's official, I am salivating. MY FAVORITE PIZZA!!!! I am one of the above mentioned loyal converts, and I too, enjoy watching others go through the stages of doubt, wonderment, disbelief and then sigh......pure, true, pizza loving love. Does Hot Mama's deliver to Espana?

  2. Yeah, well, we all experiment a little in college, don't we? This originated from a "2 pizzas w/ 2 toppings and 2 sodas for $10," delivered straight to your dorm room by Pizza Shuttle in Lawrence, Kansas. Get a friend, get five bucks and get pizza and soda. My two toppings were always spicy bbq beef and pineapple. The spicy bbq beef changed to jalapeño when spicy bbq beef wasn't always available. Excellent, excellent substitution.

  3. I like fresh sliced tomato w/ pineapple... will have to consider this jalapeno version...


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