Sunday, February 6, 2011


Star Seeds Cafe - Austin, Texas. © Ryan Schierling
There's been a bit of a "Thank God It's Chicken-Fried Sunday" hiatus because we've had a lot going on over the last month, and just haven't had the opportunity to continue hunting for the be-all, end-all of breakfast CFS. I'm happy to report we were back on the trail Sunday morning, at Star Seeds Cafe.

The place is a loud, dimly-lit dive (expected), the service is tepid and imperious (nine of ten online reviewers agree), and the food is mostly passable (thankfully). The freshly-ground coffee and wheat toast – with what looked and tasted like homemade bread – were the highlights of the morning. With the majority of restaurants serving CFS only doing so for lunch and dinner, I'm having a harder time finding the breakfast offerings I'm looking for. Anyone in Austin got a favorite breakfast chicken-fried steak joint I should know about?

The coffee sustains
but you're going to have to
do better than this.

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