Monday, December 12, 2011

My inner child begged me to share.

Magic Marshmallow Crescent Puffs (with wholesome nutritious filberts). © Ryan Schierling
Did you ever have a day that went so sideways that by the end of it all you wanted was to be five years old again, in the kitchen with your mom, baking up something ridiculously sinful and a fantastically magical "just because?"

I had one of those days today. Nothing horrible happened, it just seemed that at every single turn there was a road block or hang-up that prevented me from accomplishing anything I had set out to do. My last stop before making it home was the grocery store. It was fitting that they were out of those little shopping carts I prefer and there were no hand baskets in sight, but I soldiered on, selecting a family-size trolley for my five-item list. Not ten paces into the store I was greeted by a friendly employee behind a counter offering me samples of... guacamole. Perfect! I detest guacamole; the very smell of avocados I find utterly revolting. I had to laugh... what a way to seal the deal on my suspicions that the day was (still) conspiring against me.

My retort? I added to my list some Poppin' Fresh® crescent rolls and a bag of large marshmallows. It was time to fix things with sugar sponges rolled in butter, rolled in cinnamon sugar, rolled in buttery pastry, rolled in more butter and drizzled with sugar.

I came home and made Magic Marshmallow Crescent Puffs.

Sugar, butter, sugar, butter. © Ryan Schierling
Do you remember these? This gooey delight – the genius of Edna Walker, Pillsbury's 1969 Bake-off winner – is a treat that, though rarely sighted, still roams the primitive wilds of my psyche. What a trick to pull out of the oven these hollow puffs of refrigerator pastry filled only with drippy marshmallow-cinnamon syrup. And just when you didn't think it was possible to be even MORE insanely over the top, there's icing too!

Now I just need to borrow a five-year-old with the bravado to help eat all of them...

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  1. I remember these well, Julie. Your sweet Mom made them for us once in a while once upon a time. Sweet memories—thank you—from the Fatherly


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