Sunday, July 15, 2012

BBQ pop-up.

(L) Hot BBQ. (R) RL Reeves, Jr. © Ryan Schierling
By the time this has posted Sunday afternoon, you'll have already missed it. Like a finger-lickin'-good flash-in-the-pan – this one-shot meat-and-two melee, noon-time, barbecue pop-up at Three Little Pigs is history.

Chef Raymond Tatum's pork-centric trailer is closed Sundays and Mondays, so Tatum's friend RL Reeves, Jr. ( got the green light to throw a little brisket party. Word was passed around in the days prior through various channels, and if you were in the know, you got proper Texas plate lunch. There was brisket (smoked on the old mobile pit that followed Willie Nelson and ZZ Top around on tour in the 70s), beans, slaw, peach cobbler and sweet tea.

What felt like a summertime backyard picnic – old country on the radio, Lone Star tall-boys being passed around, folks hunkered over pecan-smoked meat and pinto beans so sweetly porcine you'd swear they were a part of the animal – could become a regular, if somewhat impromptu, gig with a rotating menu.

"If it's a success and people like it," Reeves said, "I've got some more Sunday lunches planned." 

Brisket, pintos and slaw. © Ryan Schierling

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