Sunday, August 26, 2012


Chicken-fried steak and eggs at Rise & Shine - Arlington, Texas. © Ryan Schierling
Texas CFS, it's been a while.

I've had some time to think about things. We've had a lot of fun together, you and I, but I guess I've just got to put this out there...

I think I need to see other breakfast options.

When you're good, you're really, really good. Sometimes amazing. But those times have been few and far between, and I expect the best of you here in this great state. I mean, this is your stomping grounds. It's where you came from.

You were certainly stunning (even after breakfast hours) in Blanco, leaving any lusty thoughts of an on-the-road, one-morning-stand in Wallace, Idaho behind (I was just passing through, on tour with this rock band from Seattle... no hard feelings). But you've been distant of late. Inconsistent. A little sloppy. If we only see each other infrequently, I want those meetings, those delicious liaisons, to be fireworks and waving flags, and cholesterol tests be damned. I want to wake up with you, start the day with you.

I'm sorry, Texas chicken-fried steak. Unless you can show me that you want to be with me for breakfast on the regular, I'm going to have to move on.

Wondrous homemade bread
cast a breakfast pall on you,
Sysco CFS


  1. Just recently found your blog, really enjoy it.

    As for the CFS - like any long term relationship that ends, you'll get back together at least once, and probably sooner than you think. But that will just remind you why you broke up in the first place.

    1. Thanks, Fork & Spoon!

      I just can't quit the CFS, probably because I always think that the next one might be THE ONE. But I end up feeling guilty, a little used... and a bit bloated.


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