Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank you.

It's been a great year. © Ryan Schierling
2011 was our first full calendar year at Foie Gras Hot Dog, and what a fantastic year it was.

We ate bunny for Easter. I compared Rick Bayless to "Jenny from the Block." Our favorite chilaquiles were found at a gas station. We gussied up shit on a shingle and gleefully defiled potato pave. Julie regaled sugar cookies with rosewater. But most of all, we truly had a lot of fun.

(And, at the end of March, CNN's Eatocracy featured Foie Gras Hot Dog in their "blogger spotlight," allowing us to finally really get that photo of us drinking 40s on the curb out there. Our parents are SO proud.)

Here are the five most popular posts from last year, as determined by you, the readers. Thank you for everything, we truly appreciate it.

1. Olive Fillet. "At the intersection of family tradition and food culture, the occasional recipe oddity finds notable staying power. In my family that recipe is called 'Olive Fillet.'"

2. Chips, dips and dorks. "Your mother might tell you to get a dry packet of Knorr's or Lipton Onion Soup Mix and stir it up with some sour cream and mayonnaise, and I would promptly tell your mother to get bent."

3. Neapolitan Casatiello. "No, it is not Easter – and I am not Neapolitan – so, I have taken the liberty of re-appropriating this recipe for the New Year. Our Austin neighbors may be eating bowls full of black-eyed peas for good luck in 2011, but we are sticking to our tradition of eating eggs."

4. The Maximilian Affair. "The earthy heartiness of the blue corn tortillas, the sweet creaminess of the white refritos, the tangy richness of the tender chicken drenched in beurre blanc, and the textures and flavors of the white asparagus two ways... over the top? Absolument."

5. Bitchin' Bacon & Beef Bombs™."Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños have been around since chest-thumping caveman times and there's no shortage of self-proclaimed brilliant recipes out there, with just about every filling incarnation you can think of – some type of soft cheese with... chives, crab, deviled ham, pimientos, pickled garlic, sundried tomatoes, Ortolan... whew."

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